Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu

Are You Over Sensitive About Yourself? Read This !!!

 Are You Over Sensitive About Yourself? Read This !!!

Assallamo Alykum wa Rehmatullahe wa Barakaatuh

‚ÄčYou need to think again! Consider these next tips every time you’re about to give a meaning to something:

Because of who?: not everything that happens around you is because of you, I remember I was watching a movie, and the son asked his dad “did mama leave because of me?” and his dad said something like “don’t ever say this again, mama left because of mama”. So when someone does something it’s not necessarily related to you, a person changes his seat in the bus to sit away from you doesn’t necessary mean that he did that because of you, think again!

People don’t care that much: most of the time people focus on themselves, not everybody is looking at you, two people are whispering in the bus, who said they’re talking about you? Not every glance at you is an evidence that something is not right about you, think again!

Rejection is nothing: you could be an amazing person but still you get rejected, rejection is not something that happens only to “not-good-enough” people, it happens to anyone, it’s a part of life, and in fact the one who rejected you could be feeling inferior to you and so he rejects you to avoid him being rejected by you, sure it’s not clever to assume that this is the case every time you get rejected, but any way rejection has so many reasons and most of them aren’t related to you, just don’t reject yourself by assuming that you’re bad because someone rejected you, think again!

Really?: she didn’t say “hi”, it means I’m suck, they don’t like me, it means I’m suck, really?? Couldn’t be that she didn’t see you or that she was just having a bad day?? Or maybe they just don’t notice you or know you, the waiter at the restaurant wasn’t nice to you, does that mean that you’re suck? It’s not even because of you, maybe she had a bad day, maybe she’s insecure and only afraid that you’ll reject her, maybe and maybe, tens of possible reasons, why pick the worst one? Think again!

Haters shall hate: don’t feel sad if you found out that you have some haters, they shall hate anyway, maybe they feel threatened by you, maybe they’re jealous, maybe they only have a bad impression about you, maybe and maybe. Think again!

What’s my evidence?: whenever you find yourself feeling bad because of a perception or an assumption, ask yourself “can you prove it?”, with rational reasons of course, for example if you think that someone hates you, don’t treat him based on your conclusion, instead ask yourself “can I prove it? What are my evidences?”, when you assume that people don’t like you, you will treat them badly or in a cold way, and they will respond by treating you badly as well, and then you will come and say “see, they hate me!!” don’t fall in this trap.

The bottom line is that you must think again!!whenever you find yourself prejudging things and situations.

What to do when you make a mistake

Made a horrible mistake?Acted in stupid way?Or maybe you embarrassed yourself in a public place?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first or last one who makes a mistake.


Most of people when they make a mistake they consider it as the end of the world for them, and they spend a lot of time thinking about how stupid they were, while in matter fact it doesn’t have to be this way, so let me tell you how to deal with your own mistakes.

It’s smart to know how to deal with our own mistakes, because eventually we’ll end up making a lot, and if we don’t have a good technique to deal with them, then that’s the biggest mistake we can ever make, because that will cost us our self confident and our self esteem.

A mistake doesn’t have to be related to big things like heartbreaks or financial stuffs and so on, it could be as small as not acting in an assertive way in a situation that demands assertiveness, and it could be doing something that you know is bad, it’s all about doing something that you shouldn’t do and not doing something that you should do.

So, don’t just assume things and destroy your self-confidence, and remember that most of the time, what people do, reflect who they’re, not who you’re, if someone crossed the line, be assertive and show him/her how great you’re.

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Compiled , edited and adapted by Khalid Latif,

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